General info

Visa requirements:
To enter Cambodia you need to acquire a one-month holiday visa. These can be bought (US$25) at Siem Reap airport and also the bus station when you first arrive (if you are arriving from outside of Cambodia).

Make sure that your passport is valid for 6 months from your day of arrival. If not you will not be permitted entry. Bring two passport photos.

If you are travelling from Thailand you will need to a tourist visa in Bangkok before departure. The same applies to those travelling overland from Vietnam.

The unit of currency is the Riel (r).
Notes come in denominations of 100r, 200r, 500r, 1000r, 2000r, 5000r, 10,000r, 20,000r, 50,000r and 100,000r.
The US dollar is widely accepted also.

Khmer is the official language of the Kingdom of Cambodia. French is widely spoken by the older educated people as is English is particularly in hotels and businesses and gaining popularity among the young.

Between 90-95 % of the population are ethnic-Khmers. Buddhism is the main religion in Siem Reap Town.

There are four major seasons in this country which enjoys a tropical climate. The first begins in November, lasting until March which is the cool/dry section. March to May is the hot/dry season which is then followed by the hot/wet season which begins in June and lasts until August. Cambodia’s last season is from September to October and these months are wet but cooler than June-August.

Medical Care:
No vaccinations are required officially, but it is advised that you get them before travelling. Malaria is prominent in the country all year round. Enquire with your local doctor before entering the country about getting the required injections. It is also advised that you take out travel insurance which will cover you medically.

In case of an emergency you can contact the local hospital (Siem Reap Provincial Hospital) on +855 (0)63 963111. The local doctor can be contacted in Naga Clinic on +855 (0)63 964500. This clinic is the only clinic in the town but offers excellent medical services to travelers.

Time Zone:
Siem Reap is 7 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

Opening Hours:
Many of the stalls are open late into the night, particularly the one at Psar Chaa.

Everyday services such as shops, travel agents and tourist offices open daily. Banks open from 8am-3pm Mon-Fri and office hours are from 7.30am-5.30pm Mon-Sat, with a siesta at 11.30am, usually for around 2 hours.

Tourist Offices:
Angkor Tourism has an office in front of the Angkor Hotel at Route 6, Svay Dangkum.

The rate of value added tax in Cambodia on goods and services is 10%.

Currency Exchange:
You can change any foreign currency you have in the town's banks. Traveler's checks are accepted but not widely. Thai Baht and US Dollars are widely accepted. You can nearly all times use USD instead of Riel and also you can take out USD in the ATM's, but remember to take small notes.
It´s very easy to use ATM's in Siem Reap, the rates set at ATM's are generally set by VISA, and you can check their rates online. They are often far bigger than the exchange rate you will get at home, so you get more for your money.


When dialing Siem Reap from overseas dial Cambodia’s country code which is 855, followed by the area code which is 63, and then the local number.

Calling overseas from within Cambodia, dial the international access code (00) followed by the code for the country you are calling, the area code (dropping the 0) and the local number.

Phone cards can be bought in the main post office and there are phone booths located at different places around the town.

Post Office:
Siem Reap’s main post office is on the west side of the Siem Reap River on Pokambor Avenue, 500 meters from the roundabout.

Tipping: It is not customary to tip and is at your own discretion – if you feel the service provided warrants a tip, then tip!

Public Holidays: It is worth noting what the public holidays are before you travel as the majority of businesses, banks and shops usually shut for the day.

In Cambodia they are New Year’s Day (January 1st), Victory Day (January 7th), Women’s Day (March 8th), Cambodian/Khmer New Year (April), Labor Day (May 1st), Chat Preah Nengka/Royal Pouching Ceremony (May 1st), International Children’s Day (June 1st), the Queen’s Birthday (June 18th), Constitution Day (September 24th), P’chum Ben Day/All Saints Day (late September), Anniversary of the Paris Peace Agreement (October 23rd), King Sihanouk’s Birthday (November 1st), Independence Day (November 9th) and UN Human Rights Day (December 10th).

A temple that you must see is the "Ladies Temple" or the pink sandstone temple as they sometimes call it - It is exquisite and the remaining statues and carvings on the walls are absolutely awesome.

Remember to pick up a copy of Siem Reap Angkor Visitor Guide published by in which you'll find info on temples, itineraries and everything about Siem Reap.

Country name: long form: Kingdom of Cambodia short form: Cambodia
local form: Kampuchea
Area: total: 181,040 sq km
Terrain: mostly low, flat plains; mountains in southwest and north
Population: 13.5 million
Age structure: 0-14 years: 37.3%, 15-64 years: 59.7%, 65 years and over: 3.1%
Life expectancy at birth: total population: 58.87 years male: 55.92 years female: 61.96 years
Ethnic groups: Khmer 90%, Vietnamese 5%, Chinese 1%, other 4%
Religions: Theravada Buddhist 95%, other 5%
Literacy: definition: age 15 and over can read and write total population: 69.4% male: 80.8% female: 59.3% (2002)
Capital: Phnom Penh
Government type: Stable multiparty democracy under a constitutional monarchy established in September 1993
International airports: Phnom Penh & Siem Reap

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